Business Analytics - Understanding Big Data

Business Analytics - Understanding Big Data

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Do you know what is Big Data? How is it relevant to business analytics and what are its key components? Appreciate its importance in the analytics space. Learn More. Enroll Now.

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We are creating a staggering amount data on a daily basis. Every click on every browser around the world, and every sensor in every device, contributes to the expansion of the global datasphere. We have so much data that Big Data as a buzzword. However, it has been around for awhile now, but to really understand it we have to ask ourselves some fundamental questions: What exactly is big about big data? And how big is big? From the basics of analytical techniques, the history of analytics to Big Data and beyond, this course gives you an overview of the world of Business Analytics through global insights.

Learning Objectives

1.     Learn the statistical and computational specifications of big data

2.     Understand the benefits of Big Data.

3.     Remember the relevance of Big Data in Business Analytics.


Satyadeep Rajan

Satya is a social entrepreneur at heart, with the education and ed-tech sector at the center of his purpose and passion. He combines his wide-ranging experiences, and his networks across several industry sectors, in his career spanning 25-years. His current focus is on the Skill development sector where he advises the Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (SFIVET) on developing a new strategy for adapting to the rapid digital transformation of skills. As an expert on education and India, he lectures regularly at various Swiss Universities and speaks at various fora.



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11 May 2018

The Dude

Big Data broken down with great visuals!

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